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Home Clothing Restyle Purple Brocade Underbust Corset
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Restyle Purple Brocade Underbust Corset

Price: $84.99
SKU: CU5-22
Restyle corset in new CU shape with extra room for ribs and big compression on waist which gives dramatic curve to any figure. This prevents the pressure on the ribs and hip bones and creates amazing hourglass shape corset. During wearing this corset you will never reach the point where you experience pain, or be so tight that you cannot breathe properly. Fashion fabric made of strong purple brocade with couple black satin panels. Every corset is lined with 100% cotton lining and have a modesty panel. All of of Restyle hourglass corsets have waist tape, which serves as protection for the seams. 18 spiral bones provide comfort and fit perfectly to the body, especially in curved areas. Those bones will not deform even after long period of wearing a corset. On front there are flat bones with five parts busk. On the back there are four flat, steel bones which provide additional support for the binding. Because of them corset will stay in right place. Corset design: Restyle Size: Measure your actual waist at it's narrowest part, subtract 4-7 inches from it (10-17 cm). Subtract level depends on how much compression you want, how squishy vs firm and your experience level. Please note: Corset which is shaped closely to your body's natural shape will season faster that one is not.

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